In Norwegian FRAM means ”forward”, and it underlines our belief that the only way to truly go forward is by acknowledging and honoring our past.

There was a time before throw-away society and planned obsolescence. A time when things were built to last. We wish to honor that part of human history.We yearn to be a part of it.

Nothing lasts forever, but man should always strive for longevity.So let´s go back, back to where things were fine. Forward means rewind.



The clothes are nostalgic, but still reflects a modern time and spirit. Our desire for a simplified existence and cleaner conscience has contributed to a greater focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. We are willing to spend more on less, but at the same time we expect a lasting and more meaningful connection to our garments. Therefore, we have placed great emphasis on details, crafts and heritage.


Fridtjof Nansen is one of the world’s most famous Norwegians. He was a highly respected explorer and cartographer, a professor in neuro-biological science, a pioneering climate researcher and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his groundbreaking humanetarian work.

The 1893-86 expedition towards the North Pole, in Nansen’s custom built polar ship FRAM, stands both as one of history’s most hazardous and successful. Nansen was the visionary leader and designed equipment and clothes for the extreme conditions they faced. After 3 years through the Arctic ice – against all odds – he and his crew returned to Norway as national heroes.

Nansen’s values, thoroughness and focus on detail are qualities that we admire and wish to honor and continue in a modern way throughout the collection. FRAM is an optimistic and positively charged word that reminds us that we must remember our past in order to move forwards.